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Windows XP SP3 coming this Tuesday?

After the long awaited release of Windows Vista's SP1, tech pundits have started betting on Windows XP's Service Pack 3 release.
According to CRN the SP3 is going to be released on March 24th i.e. the coming Monday. However my guess is March 25th i.e. Tuesday.
The SP3, unlike SP2, will not feature any new functionalities or anything from Windows Vista. So if you were hoping to see more functionalities in SP3 then be prepared to face the harsh reality.
The Service Pack 3 is already available on torrent networks but the authenticity of torrent versions is not known. Narangz TechBlog recommends the users to wait for the official SP3 download from or Windows Update.

Author- Rajbir Singh
Licensed Under- Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License